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Often qualified as the world’s factory, China is home to many manufacturing companies.

We help clients in the manufacturing industry with setting up their plants in China. We advise on trade secret protection, worker’s safety and protection, and draft employment contracts and local employees handbooks. We assist with industrial risk mitigation, in particular environmental risks.


Technology being used everywhere, the tech industry is fast growing, especially in Chinese advanced digital environment.

We help tech companies entering the Chinese market while securing their interests, in terms of trade secrets, intellectual property, key employees’ stock options, venture capital, etc., and assist with their day-to-day legal, from advisory to litigation.


With a huge Chinese customers’ market, the retail trade revenue of cosmetics in China is booming.

We help cosmetics brands navigate into China, registering their trademarks safely and setting up their products’ sales and distribution channels.

Luxury goods

Home to high-end customers, China’s luxury goods market is flourishing.

We provide our clients in the luxury sector with trademark registration services, we help them investigate and prosecute counterfeits products, including for goods protected by Customs, administrative and judicial anti-counterfeiting actions.

Services and accounting

Multiple tax reforms combined with China’s growth trajectory are the reasons why the services and accounting sectors are in high demand.

We provide our clients in this sector with different services, from business set-up to daily legal follow-up, tax optimization and reorganization, as well as risk advisory and litigation.

Private equity

As a growing market, private equity represents new opportunities for investors in China.

We assist investors and companies by providing legal representation and advisory services in terms of sales, purchase, investment, funding, bailouts, and other services for private entities in Asia and globally.

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