Chamber of Commerce

With branches and representatives across the country, CCIFC is the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in China.
Their missions are organized around three core actions: SUPPORT French companies in China at every stage, PROMOTE their members’ interests and LEAD the French business community through business events.
We support CCIFC by being an active member, providing trainings to the community, speaking at conferences, and publishing articles in their magazine.


Civil Code Conference


HR and Labor Training



2020/12 | Connexions Magazine No.91


APM stands for Association of Progress Management. They organize monthly meetings in different countries for various French-speaking CEOs, so they share their challenges and questions, confront their ideas, and widen their perspectives.

We support APM by being an active member of the association, participating in each meeting and sharing our experience of building a business in China.

Arbitration Centers

Our founder, Nicolas Coster, has the honor to be appointed to the panels of arbitrators from different arbitration courts.

SHIAC stands for Shanghai International Arbitration Centre and is based in Shanghai.

CMAC is China Maritime Arbitration Commission. It is based in Beijing.

CIETAC is China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission in Beijing.


To celebrate communities, Coster Associates has always been involved with associations to support their work, providing pro bono services for them and assisting in different matters.

JEF Community represents Young French Entrepreneurs. They are project builders and share knowledge around entrepreneurship in China.

We support JEF Community by being an active contributor to their contests Pitch ta WFOE and Boost ta marque, as well as through different workshops we provide for them.


JEF Entrepreneurs Bootcamp


JEF Workshop Labor Law



JEF Sponsorship Boost ta marque


JEF Sponsorship Pitch ta WFOE 3


UFE Shanghai is a French association for French citizens and French-speakers in Shanghai. Present in many countries, their mission is to welcome, assist and entertain the French community, promoting its outreach.

We support UFE Shanghai by providing conferences and monthly breakfast meets around legal topics of interest for the community.

UFE Social Charges Conference


UFE General Assembly



To expand our network and provide all-in-one solutions to our clients, we are always on the lookout for new partners. Feel free to contact us to discuss our next project together.

WeDeal is a Hong Kong based service company that helps investors close their deals in South-East Asian markets.

It supports scaling up through external growth, by providing services such as target search, due diligence, funding advisory, and M&A.


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