Business Opportunities and M&A

At Coster Associates, we support your investment projects from beginning to end. We advise you; we help you negotiate; we structure your operations, whether you opt for M&A, spin-off, or company incorporation.


Advising is at the core of our activities. We advise our clients on a wide range of matters, translating legal questions into business options, especially in negotiation and pre-litigation phases.

Litigation Strategy and Arbitration

We are trained to represent our clients both before courts and arbitration institutions in China, offering traditional and alternative dispute resolution methods.

Intellectual Property

Your branding is key to your success in China and your intellectual property are assets. We protect your intellectual property by registering your trademarks and making sure your exclusive rights are undisputed.

Labor Law

Labor regulation is a wide topic in China, with different levels of policies from local to national, and international with expatriates. We help you navigate through these rules to ensure compliance, so your workforce is operational.

International Law

We thrive combining our knowledge and experience of local laws and international law to help business expansion. We help our clients secure their cross-border activities from Europe to Asia, from our locations in Paris and Shanghai.

Made In China 2025

MIC 2025 is a 10-year strategic plan established by Chinese authorities to invest in innovations and manufacturing, involving adjustments for the business community. We support businesses to include MIC 2025 into their strategy in China on different levels.


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